Wim Vandamme (Michelin Star Chef)

"The Iranian Beluga and Baerii from Céleste Caviar are creamy, flavorful, and low on salt, making them a true delicacy."

Wim Vandamme


Wim Vandamme was once one of the youngest Belgian chefs to receive a Michelin star.

His starting point was the former and renowned Maison Vandamme (Zeebrugge, Belgian coast), where he enjoyed cooking for celebrities such as Chris de Burgh, Margo Hemingway, Toots Thielemans, and Prince Alexander de Belgique.

As a seacoast native, he demonstrates a keen interest in fish, caviar, shellfish, and crustaceans.

Wim is a perfectionist when it comes to ingredient quality. To him, being original entails knowing everything about the origins of products. He only uses the finest ingredients, which he personally selects one by one.

His dishes demonstrate harmony, a natural but well-thought-out connection between taste and product.

This is the heart of chef Wim Vandamme cuisine: original, natural, but meticulously prepared to highlight the product's inherent qualities.









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