Dennis Ekisola

"We feature Céleste Caviar in our range as we believe that the Taste of their caviar is unique to their competition. Céleste Baerii caviar is featured  as topping on our Ito Wagyu Tartar. "

Dennis Ekisola


Dennis spent years traveling the world as a private chef. He worked on superyachts for the rich and famous.

During his travels, he spent a lot of time in Japan, where he learned about the wonderful food and culture. Dennis took what he learned there with him to the yachts he worked on, and he quickly realized that his clients appreciated it.

Dennis later founded the DOJO, a restaurant unlike any other. DOJO is a one-of-a-kind concept that combines three worlds into one extraordinary location: INUA, Elicious, and Kojinomics.

Under the name INUA, Dennis distributes rare and exceptional foreign products to the European private market.

Chefs constantly need new ingredients to draw inspiration from. In today’s fast moving culinary world restaurants need a well-connected supply chain. Strong relationships with their producers and access to desired products, on demand, are what drive a restaurant’s success. Our team is constantly navigating through products and countries, leading us to discover, and forge, unique relationships with artisan craftsman all over the world. We bridge the gap between culinary communities and bring the philosophies of remote artisan producers together under one platform. The Inua site features these bespoke and exclusive craftsmen, connecting them to restaurant professionals worldwide.

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